Saturday, February 16, 2013

Moving on.

So as everyone who reads this knows, we have returned to Canada.  I felt it fitting however, to bring finality and closure to our adventure.

It's hard to believe that two months went by.  It's hard to believe we traveled about as much as humanly possible within one country, and on such a low budget.  I think this exceeded our expectations.

I learned a lot.  Not the things I thought I would learn though.  I predicted learning about Buddhism, culture, and a broader understanding of the uniqueness of people in the world.  Instead what I learned was how similar we all are.  Our practices, traditions, and beliefs merely identify where we came from, not who we are. 

And who are we? We are people on the move.  Believing that we're riding a cosmic bicycle, and if we stop for even a moment to enjoy where we are, we'll topple over into the cosmic mud and skin our cosmic knees.  What I learned was this is not the case.  You're allowed to enjoy where you are in life.  You're allowed to appreciate the hardships you've endured, and even the ones you're currently enduring.  It's not glamourous, but that's not the point.  We're here to discover, not to know.  There's endless wonder in every waking moment.  If you can feel the vibrations that go by unnoticed 99% of the time, you start to tingle, and your entire body will feel like it's floating, and you will feel endless compassion.  This isn't drugs or religion or anything abstract either.  It's a sense of being.

So I learned that no matter where I am in life, the awareness of life itself is quite a blessing.

So yes this is the end of one major part of my life.  And it is bittersweet, but there's so much more to come.  From me and Audrey.  Just the glimpse I've had of her future makes me tingle like so much.  She's going to make her mark in a huge way.  So from me, I say so long to Thailand blog.  It was fun.

Bryce Knudtson

To be continued...

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