Friday, January 11, 2013

Cooking Class

Proudly displaying my Pad Thai
As I'm sure most of you can imagine, my cooking class at We's was the highlight of my time in Chiang Mai. My gracious teacher, Wee, took me to the market and taught me how to identify many foreign looking Thai vegetables. Then I made: Pad Thai, Green Curry Soup, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Papaya Salad, and Mango Sticky Rice. Bryce showed up at the end of the day to help me eat everything of course :)

Learning about veggies and spices. That yellow is actually turmeric!

Green curry paste I made with ingredients for green curry soup

Wee. the owner and teacher at We's,


  1. mmmmmm mommy wants! can't wait for u to make this here...provided we can find the ingredients lol

  2. Everything is cooked to perfection just like Audrey does. how about walk the motor bike during dangerous sections? Iknow that would not be good. Did they rent a helmet with that bike?
    Those pictures are so beautiful. You look beautiful. I miss you.

  3. Yeah mum, we can.

    And thanks, anonymous. I bet I miss you too, even if I'm not sure who you are because you didn't leave a name ;)

    And yes, helmets came with the bike rental. Momma didn't raise no fool.