Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, January 7 2013 : 1:32pm - How to describe my time at mindful farm?

Mindful is a relatively obvious one.  Serene.  The landscape is beautiful.

So beautiful that you don't even mind the blistering heat during the day, and the freezing cold at night.  I haven't seen community quite like this before.  Every day someone comes, and every day someone leaves.  But everyone helps.  Gardening.  Building.  Cooking.

The past few days I've been the designated fire starter.  Funny, because before this I had never made a fire before in my life.  I will miss everyone, but at the same time I know it's the right moment to leave, like the last day of summer camp.

I learned a lot.  About mindfulness, farming, and pouring urine on plants.  I think life will be good.  My isolation big city madness has faded, and now I have... things!  Plans, and so much more.  This is all gravy.

 This is the first monk to ever stay at Mindful Farm, and the first one I ever met and talked to in real life!

Today a bed I spent an entire day making and seeding, and all week watering has sprouted.

And maybe it's a weed, quite possibly is.  But you know what?  I created that weed with my bare hands, and I'm proud of it.  DANG proud!

And these are all pictures mostly for Audrey, to see how the place has changed, even in the last few days!

I made that back wall!

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  1. beautiful pictures, beautiful farm, beautiful commentary !