Monday, December 31, 2012

December 30, 2012 : 8:30pm - 5 minutes ago,

I sat, twanging a loose fibre from the thatched hammock I lay in, listening to the smooth sounds of a silky Chiang Mai evening.  The chorus of "Gangam Style" echoing faintly in the distance.  It has become a part of the audible landscape, with the frogs, crickets, birds and dogs.  These are the sounds of nature.

I looked off onto a distant Wat.  In Thailand, they call temples Wats.  It means something in Thai.  God only knows what.

Tonight is filled with magic.  I contemplated being filled and realized with great urgency that I am hungry, and require a plate of french fries immediately.  And a bottle of Leo to go with it, why not?  I look at my phone.  5 minutes until they close the kitchen.  This suddenly becomes the most important task in the world to me, crucial really.  I bolt.

Presently I look on at the magic of the evening.  I remember Johnny from Toronto telling me how he's felt better.  I don't think he's seen in colour today.  He'll see it soon enough.

My fries just arrived.  You see?  Magic.  I have to admit that it peculiarly fascinating.  This country.  I wouldn't say that I've become disenchanted, as I've recently been pondering.  Rather, the weight of reality, intimidating and massive like a bodybuilder on steroids, has finally descended on me, with my naive notions and classic schoolboy romanticism.  I've been uprooted.  It's uncomfortable.  Who do I blame?  The government?  But which one?  Those sneaky rat bastards, they've separated into splinter cell factions!  No matter.  Perhaps I had something to do with this turn of events as well...

Audrey's as happy as a pig doing pig stuff.  Digging the culture, digging the heat, and the markets.  The silk, and digging better ways of living.  Maybe I think too much to be carefree.  I still find humour in the situation though.  Isn't that just as good?  I'll be the plucky comic relief of Thailand.  The Simon Pegg, sure.

So... So so...  I guess I ran out of words.  How unlike me, right?  Staring at the man playing pool who may or may not be Iggy Pop.  Looks about ready to search and destroy.

The magic's faded a bit now.  I guess that's what makes it special.  Understanding what an absence of magic feels like.  Otherwise it would mean nothing.  It would become another shade of grey, analyzed under a microscope into oblivion.  I'm happy waiting for the next perfect moment.

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