Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012 : 11:44am - I feel madness coming on.

This is why it's a bad idea to travel alone.

Audrey wanted to go to a farm an hour outside of Chiang Mai.  I will join her shortly, but I felt there was still more to experience here.  This is my second day on my own.  It's a horribly empowering thing to be able to succumb to weird urges in public and still be viewed in the exact same degree of alien that you already are.  Whatever you do in daily life is already strange and confusing enough to Thai people, if you start tiptoeing around a shopping mall with your eyes bugged out, I assume at least there's some comfort in seeing familiarity in this:

"Oh yes, homeless and insane, we have those too.  More coffee sir?"

The most abhorrent thing of all is when I attempt to distinguish Thai madness from our own. What is imported madness?  3 ice creameries in one building.  Definitely ours.  Everyone still wais though. Even in KFC.  The wai is the Thai handshake.  And yet the one thing they can't shake is their hospitality. How comforting.

Speaking of comforting, I starved myself for hours (unintentionally mind you), walking and rejecting breakfasts until now.  Pasta with bacon.  Do I have a problem?  First fries and now this.  Maybe it was all subconscious and I knew I would come here all along.  Gotta gooooo.  To that faaaaarm.

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